BuddyPress 1.2 released

BuddyPress for WordPress has been released, still in a beta stage. Now you can use buddypress on WordPress, without the need to install WordPress MU. Here is the release post at BuddyPress blog:

The release candidate version of BuddyPress 1.2 is now ready for download and testing (svn link). Thank you to those who have contributed so far, we’ve closed over 125 tickets since we released the beta last week.

We’re almost there, but we still need your help with this final testing phase. We’re looking for testers on both standard WordPress and WordPress MU version 2.9.1 and above. You can also test the release candidate without installing on our testing community site.

As before you can find a list of known issues and a place to post bugs via the BuddyPress Trac installation.

There are also instructions for upgrading test installations from previous versions of BuddyPress on the codex.

But what is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a bundled collection of plugins and themes for creating a social network service around an installation of the popular open source blog engine WordPress MU.
Although not as elaborate as Facebook, Bebo or MySpace, BuddyPress is designed for small-scale networks around niche ideas/interests. It inherits and extends upon the integral functional elements of the WordPress engine including themes, plugins and widgets.
BuddyPress is an open source project, developed by a collective led by Automattic employee Andy Peatling. Like WordPress, BuddyPress is written in the PHP scripting language.
BuddyPress is intended to provide anyone with a working social network “out of the box”, just as WordPress when installed facilitates an immediate blogging environment. In its standard configuration BuddyPress provides a simple range of features to facilitate a basic social network, which can be made more robust via a growing array of open source and commercial plugins.

BuddyPress features

BuddyPress also has some great features which make it an excellent product. User Profiles, user Wire, Group Creation, Friend System, Activity stream and Blogs per user, are some of the features BuddyPress provides to its users.

Some more Info

You can view more info in BuddyPress official web site. You can read the Codex and let us know if you make a wonderful theme! We will host it on WordPressious for sure!

More tutorials?

Have you found any good resources for BuddyPress? Any web site that can provide good tutorials for BuddyPress on how to create themes? If so, please drop us a comment.

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